The Admin Dashboard

The Admin Area Dashboard

You will see the Admin Dashboard after you log in to the WHMCS Admin Area.

  • It includes quick access to important information in WHMCS, like daily sales figures, support tickets, billing and invoicing totals, and your system’s automation status.
  • Each admin can personalize their own dashboard using customizable widgets. Widgets are the building blocks of the WHMCS Admin Dashboard.

Rearranging the Dashboard

To move a dashboard widget:

  1. Hover over the widget title. A cross-hair icon will appear.
  2. Click and hold to drag and reposition the widget. The system will display a target area where the widget will drop.
  3. Release the mouse to save the new position.
When you move a widget or reload the dashboard, other widgets may move automatically or reorder themselves. If you experience any overlapping when this happens, refresh the page to fix the issue.

Widget Actions

You can use the icons in the top-right corner of each widget to refresh, minimize, or close the widget.

For more information, see Manage Dashboard Widgets.

Show/Hide Widgets

The Show/Hide Widgets panel in the Admin Dashboard

You can manage widgets on the admin dashboard via the Show/Hide Widgets panel. To open the panel, click the gear icon at the top-right of the dashboard.

Check widgets to display them on the dashboard, or uncheck widgets to remove them.

Available Widgets

Widgets use the permissions from the authenticated admin’s role. For example, the Support Tickets widget will only show to a user with access to view and respond to support tickets.

The following table itemizes all widgets that WHMCS includes by default and their required permissions:

NameDescriptionRequired Permission
ActivityRecent system activity on your WHMCS installation.View Activity Log
AutomationAn overview of system automation. Click the graph to see the full information at Automation Status ().Configure Automation Settings
BillingAn overview of income over four periods: daily, monthly, yearly and all time.View Income Totals
Client ActivityA brief overview of the last five client logins, including dates, times, and IP addresses.List Clients
HealthAn overview of your system’s health. Click to go to Configuration () > System Health.Health and Updates
MarketConnectThe status of MarketConnect products, your current MarketConnect balance, and options to deposit funds and view promotions.View MarketConnect Balance
Network StatusA list of your servers and their statuses (if the system has implemented status URL monitoring).N/A
System OverviewAn overview of orders and income in graphical format. You can change the timescale to show daily, monthly, or yearly orders and income.View Income Totals
System Overview BadgesA quick statistical overview including orders, cancellation, and tickets.N/A
Staff OnlineA list of currently-logged-in staff. If the staff member’s email address corresponds with a Gravatar account, the system will display the Gravatar image.N/A
Stripe BalanceThe pending and available balances for the Stripe™ payment gateway.
For currencies to display in this widget, they must be active in your Stripe account and in WHMCS at Configuration () > System Settings > Currencies.
View Gateway Balances
SupportAn overview of support tickets that are awaiting replies, tickets that you assigned to your account, and tickets with recent activity.List Support Tickets
To-Do ListAn overview of your current tasks. You can configure these at Utilities > To-Do List.To-Do List

Creating Widgets

Addon and third party module developers can also include dashboard widgets as part of a custom module.

For information on creating your own widgets, see our Developer Documentation.

Last modified: June 4, 2024