Add Time Billing

You can use time billing to track and bill time for client projects. Time billing works as a type of billable item.

For example, if you want to record that you completed one hour of consultation work at $50 per hour, two hours of design work at $80 per hour, and one hour of travel time at $25 per hour, you could use time billing to simplify the process.

You can view billable items for a specific client in the Billable Items tab of their client profile.

Using Time Billing

To track time billing:

  1. Go to the Billable Items tab in the desired client’s profile. The Billable Items tab in the client profile.
  2. Click Add Time Billing Entries.
    Adding Time Billing
  3. To indicate that a time billing entry relates to a specific product, choose that product for Item. Leave Item blank to create items that do not relate to a product.
    Choosing a product here does not link the time billing item to the product or service in WHMCS.
  4. Enter the description, the number of hours, and the rate per hour for the item.
  5. Repeat this for each time billing item that you want to add.
  6. Click Add Entries.
Time billing items will automatically use the Don’t invoice for Now option. When you want to invoice for these items, select the items in the the Billable Items tab and click Invoice Selected Items.

Last modified: June 5, 2024