Convert Invoice Currencies

Some payment gateways may not accept all of the currencies that you offer to your customers. However, the Convert To For Processing option in many payment gateways transparently converts the payment amount into a new currency before the client proceeds to the payment gateway.

The system performs the currency conversion using the Base Conversion Rate value in your WHMCS installation at the time of payment.

Configuring this enables multi-currencies in WHMCS and allows you to offer prices in multiple currencies, even if your payment gateway only operates in one currency.

For example, this would allow you to offer prices in USD, GBP, and EUR, even if your payment gateway only operates in USD. When a client places an order and chooses that gateway, the system would automatically convert the amount to the gateway’s currency before processing. Without this feature, the client would not be able to use that gateway.

Convert an Invoice to a New Currency

To configure this feature:

  1. Configure at least two currencies at Configuration () > System Settings > Currencies.
    The required Convert to For Processing setting for payment gateways only displays if you have configured at least two currencies.
  2. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > Payment Gateways.
  3. In WHMCS 8.6 and earlier, click Manage Existing Gateways.
  4. Set Convert to For Processing to your desired currency (the currency the gateway requires).
  5. Click Save Changes.

The system will send all payments to this gateway in the chosen currency, regardless of which currency the client selected on the order form.

Last modified: June 14, 2024