Create a Prorata Invoice

When you change the Next Due Date of a product, service, addon, or domain, the system creates a prorated invoice that covers the period between the current next due date and the new one. This feature includes scenarios in which the various products have different next due dates to start with and will prorate each accordingly as separate line items on the invoice.

For more information, see Prorata Billing.

Change Due Dates and Create a Prorata Invoice

To change the due date for an item and create a prorated invoice:

  1. Go to the desired service or domain in the client’s profile:
  2. Specify the new Next Due Date value.
  3. Check Create Prorata Invoice.
  4. Click Apply.

The system will automatically generate a prorated invoice for the period between the old and new Next Due Date dates.


For example, the client could wish to pay for the following services on the 10th of the month going forward:

    Product A - Next Due Date 01/01/2022 @ $30/month
    Product B - Next Due Date 05/01/2022 @ $60/month

To do this, set Next Due Date to 10/01/2022. The system will generate an invoice with the following line items:

    Product A (01/01/2022 - 09/01/2022) $8.00
    Product B (05/01/2022 - 09/01/2022) $10.00
    Total Due Today $18.00

After the client pays the invoice, the system will update the Next Due Date for each service and will invoice them on January 10th each year.

Last modified: June 11, 2024