Merge Invoices

Merging invoices allows you to combine multiple separate invoices into a single invoice. This is useful for when a client would like to pay for items on separate invoices together at the same time.

Mass Payments and Merging Invoices

Creating mass payment invoices and merging invoices are different processes.

  • With mass payments, the system maintains separate invoices. When a client pays the combined invoice, the system applies credit to the original invoices and marks them paid.
  • Merging invoices will actually combine all the individual invoice line items into a single invoice, deleting all but one of the merged invoices.
For more information about mass payments, see Create a Mass Payment Invoice.

Merge Invoices

To merge invoices:

  1. Go to the client’s profile’s Invoices tab.
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the invoices that you wish to combine.
  3. Click Merge.

The system will merge the contents of the lower-numbered invoice (the older invoice) into the higher-numbered invoice (the newer invoice). After you merge invoices, only the higher-numbered invoice will appear.

This process does not send any email to the customer. If you want to notify the customer, click Send Email.

Last modified: June 14, 2024