Quote line items

Each quote is made up of individual line items, like an Invoice.

Each line item is associated with a specific quoteId.

Note that quote line items are very flexible, and do not have hard linkages to products or inventory items in WHMCS. It's up to the operator to transform line items into actual billable services if the quote is accepted.

class Item extends AbstractModel

Properties summary

Type Property Description
int $id Unique ID number for this quote line item.
int $quoteId ID of quote this line item belongs to.
string $description Description attached to this line item.
string $quantity Quantity of this line item.
float $unitPrice Individual unit price of this line item.
float $discount Percentage discount offered, if any.
bool $isTaxable True if this item should be calculated with taxes.
Carbon $createdAt Date this line item was created.
Carbon $updatedAt Last date this line item was edited.
Quote $quote Quote object to which this line item belongs.

Methods summary

Return Type Method Name Description
BelongsTo quote() Each quote item belongs to a quote.


BelongsTo quote ()

Each quote item belongs to a quote.

Return Value