Domain additional fields.

Additional field names are defined in /resources/domains/dist.additionalfields.php

Each TLD requires extra, tld specific information in order to properly register the domain name with the proper registrar. Some require information about professional certifications while others require information proving residency within a specific region of the world.

Instead of having a huge table with all permutations, we instead store these "additional domain fields" as key/value pairs assigned to the domain name being registered. Domain registrar modules are then responsible for processing these additional domain fields for consumption by the proper registrars.

class AdditionalField extends AbstractModel

Properties summary

Type Property Description
int $id Unique ID for this domain registration additional field.
int $domainId ID number of domain to which this additional field is associated.
string $name Name of this additional field.
string $value Value of this additional field.
Carbon $createdAt Date this additional field was added to the domain.
Carbon $updatedAt Last date this additional field was edited.
Domain $domain Domain object to which this additional field is attached.

Methods summary

Return Type Method Name Description
BelongsTo domain() Each additional field belongs to one domain.


BelongsTo domain ()

Each additional field belongs to one domain.

Return Value