A network issue.

NetworkIssues exist as a method for WHMCS site operators to notify clients of network, server, provisioning, or other issues which impact the services provided by the operator.

Each network issue is given a title and a description, as well as a type.

  • "server" type issues are connected via the serverId to a specific server. Clients affected by this issue will see the issue highlighted in the client area, to make it easier for them to identify issues without contacting support.
  • "system" issues apply more toward the billing system and support system. This provides an alternate means to notify your customers of issues which may make it impossible to communicate via other communication systems, such as tickets.
  • "other" issues can be given a custom string. This allows the operator to use the Network Issues system as a flexible notification system for all clients.

Note that while Announcements are proactively displayed to clients on their Dashboard pages, Network Issues must be sought out under the Network Status section of the Support department.

If a specific customer needs to be notified, a Ticket should be used. Network Announcements are intended to notify all the operator's clients of a widespread issue.

class NetworkIssue extends AbstractModel

Properties summary

Type Property Description
int $id Unique ID Number for this specific network issue announcement.
string $title The title which should be displayed to clients on the Network Issues page.
string $description The text which should be displayed to clients, explaining the network issue. May contain HTML.
string $affectedType An English language internal name for the type of network issue: 'server' (affects a hosting server), 'system' (affects the billing or support systems), 'other' (user defined)
string $affectedOther A string which is displayed as the network issue type if "other" is the affectedType.
int $affectedServerId The Unique ID number of the server affected, if "server" is the affectedType.
string $priority An English language name of the priority of this issue from this set: 'Low', 'Medium', 'High', 'Critical'
Carbon $startDate The date upon which the effects of this network issue began, or will begin.
Carbon $endDate The date upon which the effects of this network issue ceased, or is scheduled to end.
string $status An English language internal name of the current state of this network issue from this set: 'Reported', 'Investigating', 'In Progress', 'Outage', 'Scheduled'
Carbon $lastUpdateDate The date and time of the last update of the network issue via the Admin panel.
Carbon $createdAt The date this network issue was originally created.
Carbon $updatedAt Same as lastUpdateDate.

Methods summary

Return Type Method Name Description
static  boot() -


static boot ()