The Affiliate System

If you enable the Affiliate system, you can convert clients into affiliates and reward them for referring customers to your business.

The Client Area

The Client Area includes your online store and gives your clients access to their purchased services and your important announcements.

The Client Profile

The Client Profile contains all of your customers' information, plus easy access to their services, invoices, ticket history, and more.

Client Management Tutorials

How-to guides for adding and managing clients and users, exporting their data, and using the affiliate system.

Users and Client Accounts

The user management system can grant access for a single client's services, billing, and support to multiple users with separate logins.

Emailing Clients

After purchases or other events, the system sends a message to the client using an email template. You can also email clients manually.

Managing Users

Users can access and manage one or more client accounts. Their contact details and other information are separate from their clients'.

Client Groups

Client groups allow you to categorize your clients. You can use client groups to set domain pricing slabs, apply discounts, and more.

Security Questions

Security questions add an extra level of security for users. During password resets, the system uses them to verify the user's identity.

Client Email Verification

Email verification ensures that a client's registered email address is valid after client creation or changes to the email address.

Banned Emails

WHMCS allows you to ban specific email domains from creating new client accounts and users. You may wish to ban free email providers.