Contacts Tab

You can add, view, and manage contacts for clients, allowing email messages like support ticket replies to go to additional email addresses for that client.

You can access this tab when you view a client’s profile at Clients > View/Search Clients.

Adding a Contact

To add a new contact:

  1. Choose Add New from Contacts.
  2. Enter the contact details.
    • You must enter an email address.
    • Other contact details are optional.
  3. Check the Email Notification checkboxes to set the email categories to send the contact copies of.
    • Support contacts do not receive copies of all support tickets. They can open tickets themselves via email and will only receive emails when an admin replies to a ticket they opened. The main client will receive copies of all support tickets.
  4. Click Add Contact.

Clients can also add and manage contacts from the Client Area.

Managing Contacts

You can view a contact’s details by selecting them from the Contacts menu.

To update the contact’s details or change their email notification settings, make the desired changes and click Save Changes.

Deleting a Contact

To delete a contact, click Delete at the bottom of the page and then confirm the deletion. The system will remove the contact immediately.


Sub-Accounts are deprecated. We replaced them with the user and client account system in WHMCS 8.0.

Sub-Accounts are an extension of the Contacts feature that allows clients to create sub-users under their main accounts, which then allow that contact to log in and carry out various actions that the main account holder has permitted.

Billing Contacts

Use billing contacts when the name and address to send an invoice to differs from the main account or the name and address of the card holder (if using a merchant gateway).

After you create a contact, you can select it as the billing contact using the Billing Contact menu in the Profile tab.

Last modified: June 11, 2024