Profile Tab

The Profile tab contains fields for changing the account’s contact details, like their name, address, and email address. It also contains other options that affect the behavior of the account in WHMCS.

You can access this tab when you view a client’s profile at Clients > View/Search Clients.

Account Information

The Profile tab lists the following client information:

Setting                          Description
First NameThe client’s first name.
Last NameThe client’s last name.
Company NameThe client’s company name.
Email AddressThe client’s primary email address.
Address 1, Address 2,
City, State/Region, Postcode,
The details for the client’s mailing address.
Phone NumberThe client’s phone number.
LanguageThe client’s preferred language.
Tax IDThe client’s tax ID.
Payment MethodThe client’s default payment method. Selecting a new payment method here will update all of the services, addons, domains, and unpaid invoices that use the default payment method.
Billing ContactThe main contact to use for billing-related items. You can create billing contacts in the Contacts tab.
CurrencyThe client’s default currency.
  • Selecting a new currency will change the displayed currency symbol but will not automatically convert any prices, invoices, or transactions to the appropriate amount in the new currency.
  • An account’s currency is fixed when placing the first order, and all subsequent orders will use it. As a result, users won’t see the currency selector on the order form.
We recommend against changing an account’s currency after an order has been placed and invoices, services, and transactions have been generated. For more information, see Change a Client’s Currency.
StatusThe client’s status:
  • Active — The account can log in and has active or suspended services.
  • Inactive — The account can log in but has no active services and is removed from client menus.
  • Closed — The account has no active services, cannot log in to the Client Area, and is removed from client menus.
The client’s status does not stop invoicing if their package’s status is still Active, Suspended, or Pending.
Client GroupIf you have configured client groups at Configuration () > System Settings > Client Groups, use this to assign a group or remove their group assignment.
Email NotificationsChoose the emails that the client will receive. By default, clients and users receive all email notification types.
You cannot change the client’s opt-in or opt-out preferences or discontinue Email Verification or Password Reset emails.
This setting only displays if you have enabled Client Email Preferences in the Other tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings.

Click View Marketing Opt-In Consent History in the top-right corner to view the account’s consent history:

Opt-In Consent History in the Client Profile

This includes a record of each time that the client (or an admin acting on the client’s behalf) opted in or out of marketing emails.

Additional Client Settings

You can also configure the following settings on a per-client basis:

Late FeesEnable this to include late fees on overdue invoices.
Overdue NoticesEnable this to send overdue email notifications. If you disable this, the system will still send the Invoice Payment Reminder email notification before the due date, but will not send the First, Second, and Third Overdue Invoice Notice emails.
Tax ExemptEnable this to exempt this client’s invoices from taxes.
Separate InvoicesEnable this to invoice items separately, even if they have the same due date and payment method. You may wish to use this, for example, with resellers who don’t always want to renew all of their products.
Disable CC ProcessingEnable this to prevent automatic payment processing for invoices that use a merchant gateway. If you enable this, the client must log in and manually pay for all of their invoices, even if they have a payment method on file.
Marketing Emails Opt-outEnable this to indicate that the client has opted out of marketing emails.
  • If you enable this, the system will not include the client in emails that you send from Utilities > Email Marketer and Utilities > Email Campaigns.
  • Clients can change this in the Client Area if you enable Marketing Opt-out in the Other tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings.
Status UpdateIf you enable this, the system cron job will set the client status to Inactive if they do not have any Active or Suspended services or addons or Active or Pending Transfer domains.
  • This does not stop the user from logging in, opening a ticket, or paying any due invoices.
  • Purchasing a service, addon, or domain will reset the client status to Active.
You can extend this to include clients who have not logged in to the Client Area for three months or disable it entirely at Configuration () > System Settings > Automation Settings.
Allow Single Sign-OnEnable this to allow the client to use single sign-on when logging in to WHMCS.

Custom Client Fields

If any custom client fields have been configured, they will appear here. This allows staff to see the values clients have entered or change them directly.

Admin Notes

Use this area to enter private notes about the client. Other staff can view these notes when viewing the product or service. Notes entered here are separate from those entered elsewhere in WHMCS.

Last modified: June 24, 2024