Tickets Tab

The Tickets tab contains a historical and paginated view of the client’s tickets. This also shows ticket statistics and the ability to search in real time as well as open a ticket for the client.

The Tickets Tab in the Client Profile

You can access this tab when you view a client’s profile at Clients > View/Search Clients.

List of Tickets

The list of tickets includes the open date, department, subject, status, and the amount of time since the last reply. You can also use options to merge, close, or delete tickets.

Open a New Ticket

To create a new support ticket, click Open New Ticket in the top-right corner.

For steps to open a support ticket, see Support Tickets.

Search and Filter

Type keywords or search terms in Search to search client tickets with results that appear in real time, as you type. You can search by ticket subject, ticket status, dates, or departments, but cannot search the contents of the ticket body message.


The Statistics panels at the top of the page indicate the total number of tickets that the client has opened this month, last month, this year, and last year. These numbers can help you identify patterns and trends related to the support level provided to clients.

Last modified: June 5, 2024