Transactions Tab

The Transactions tab contains summary statistics of the transactions made by this client along with a paginated list of all their transactions and options to create and manage transactions.

The Transactions Tab in the Client Profile

You can access this tab when you view a client’s profile at Clients > View/Search Clients.

For more information, see Transactions.

Transactions List

The paginated list displays all of the client’s transactions.

  • Click the table headings to change the sorting order.
  • Click the invoice number under Description to view the associated invoice.
  • Click the edit icon to edit the transaction.
  • Click the red delete icon to delete the transaction.

Records Per Page

The Records to Display per Page setting in the General tab at Configuration () > System Settings > General Settings determines the number of transactions per page.

Add New Transaction

Click Add New Transaction to record a new transaction against this client’s account. When you manually add a transaction, you can include the following transaction information:

  • Date — The date of the transaction.
  • Description — A description for the transaction. If you do not specify an Invoice ID value, you must enter a description.
  • Transaction ID — A transaction ID, if one exists.
  • Invoice ID — The ID for an invoice in WHMCS, if one is associated with the transaction.
  • Payment Method — The payment method by which you received the transaction.
  • Amount In — The amount that you received. Omit any currency symbols.
  • Fees — The amount for any fees that the gateway charged for this transaction.
  • Amount Out — The amount that the system send to the customer (for refunds).
  • Add as Credit — Check to apply the transaction against the client’s credit balance.

Last modified: June 5, 2024