General Troubleshooting

General errors can occur in many places throughout WHMCS, and can be due to many different problems. However, fixing them is often simple.

Troubleshooting Authentication

Authentication issues may include inability to log in, unexpected logouts, or errors while using other authentication methods.

Troubleshooting Domains

When you sell domains, issues with domain availability checks, registration, or renewals can cause serious problems.

Troubleshooting Licensing

You might see license-related errors if you cannot connect to the WHMCS license server or there is a misconfiguration in your system.

Troubleshooting MarketConnect

If you experience problems with MarketConnect landing pages, promotions, or provisioning, it may be due to misconfigurations or other issues.

Troubleshooting Payments

Make sure to troubleshoot and resolve any issues with payment gateways, payments, currencies, or related features as soon as possible.