Add a Client

Manually add clients during checkout, in the Client Area, or in the Admin Area. Each customer must have a client account in WHMCS.

Create a Server

Add a server to WHMCS using a server module. Before you can sell and provision hosting accounts, you must add at least one server.

Create an Order

Create new orders for your new or existing customers in the Admin Area. Orders contain all of the details from the checkout process.

Install WHMCS

The first step to using WHMCS is installing it on your server. WHMCS includes an easy browser installation tool to suit most users' needs.

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways allow you to accept payments of many types in WHMCS. You can use one of WHMCS's many supported gateway modules or create your own.

Preview a Template

Augmented URLs display previews of your themes as you customize them without allowing visitors to see your work in progress.

Activate an Order

If your WHMCS configuration does not automatically activate orders after payment, you can manually activate and provision them at any time.