Countries and Calling Codes

A custom countries.json file can add, change, or remove the countries that appear in menus within WHMCS and their calling codes.

Custom Modules

Modules in WHMCS use templates to define what users see. You can customize these module templates using WHMCS's overrides system.

Custom Order Form Templates

Order form templates define the look and feel of the shopping cart when your customers view products, register domains, and place orders.

Custom Reports

You can easily modify WHMCS's default reports or create your own custom new reports in the /modules/reports/ directory.

Error Pages

Error pages display friendly, styled messages about error conditions. All of WHMCS's error pages are fully customizable for your needs.

Integration Code

WHMCS includes ready-to-use copiable integration code for login pages, domains, and more, that you can integrate into your website.


Models offer a code-driven method for interacting with the database. Many WHMCS database tables are available as modeled classes.