Disable Feature Highlights

You may need to disable feature highlights when, for example, using other markup in the product description.

For more information, see Order Form Templates.

Disabling Feature Highlights

To disable feature highlights:

  1. Open the /templates/orderforms/example/products.tpl template file, where example is your order form template.
  2. Remove or comment out the following lines:
    {if $product.featuresdesc}
    <p id="product{$product@iteration}-description">
    {$product.featuresdesc} </p>
    {foreach $product.features as $feature => $value}
    <li id="product{$product@iteration}-feature{$value@iteration}">
    <span class="feature-value">{$value}</span> {$feature}
  3. Replace this with:

Save the changes and upload the modified order form template file. The system will now display product descriptions as you enter them.

Last modified: June 11, 2024