Customizing Promotions

WHMCS MarketConnect makes it easy to resell products from leading service providers with almost no additional effort from you. When you start selling a WHMCS MarketConnect product, WHMCS configures products, sets up automation, and adds merchandising content, landing pages, and promotions to your Client Area.

  • To customize MarketConnect landing pages, order forms, and promotions in the Client Area, see Promotion Customization.
  • To customize or localize text in MarketConnect promotions, see Customize Text.

You can customize or extend Client Area promotion and merchandising content through template modifications and hooks.

Order Form Templates

All of the order form templates for products and service that you provision with WHMCS MarketConnect are in the store directory of your system theme.

After you update your system theme, copy the files from the store directory into your custom order form template.

For more information, see our Themes documentation.


You can manipulate and modify MarketConnect promotions using hooks. For example, you could replace all of the wording in the promotions with your own custom text.


WHMCS MarketConnect uses the same standard hooks and rendering workflow as the rest of the Client Area.

For more information, see our Themes documentation.

Last modified: June 24, 2024