We removed this in WHMCS 8.8.

The Bizcn module allows you to register and manage domains with Bizcn.

Supported Features

RegisterTransferRenewRegistrar LockUpdate Nameservers
Update WHOISGet EPP CodeRegister NameserversDNS Record ManagementEmail Forwarding
Domain ReleaseDomain Sync ScriptPremium DomainsTransfer Out AutomationTLD Pricing Sync


To activate and begin using the Bizcn registrar module:

  1. Log in to the WHMCS Admin Area.
  2. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Registrars.
  3. Find Bizcn in the list.
  4. Click Activate.
  5. Enter your Bizcn credentials.
  6. Click Save Changes.

Test Mode

You can use test mode to simulate domain registration and management function without registering a domain or incurring charges. This can be useful to test WHMCS configurations.

Automatic Registration

WHMCS allows you to set up automatic domain registration on a per-extension basis, enabling you to use different registrars for different TLDs. To enable automatic registration, see Domain Pricing.


You may see the following errors when working with Bizcn:

200 Command completed successfullyThe command has completed successfully.
210 Domain name availableThe domain that you have requested is available to register.
211 Domain name not availableThe domain that you have requested is not available to register.
212 DNS is not existThe DNS record does not exist.
213 DNS is existThe DNS record exists.
402 There is not enough money in accountThere is not enough money in your account.
500 Invalid command nameThe command name that you requested is invalid.
504 Missing required attribute: <attribute name>You have missed a required attribute.
505 Invalid attribute value syntax: <attribute name>The value of the attribute has a syntax error.
505 Invalid attribute: <attribute name>The attribute is invalid.
507 Invalid command formatThe command that you requested is invalid.
513 Invalid domain name serverThe nameserver that you requested is invalid.
514 Invalid contactor infoThe contactor information that you requested is invalid.
520 Connection errorThere is a network connection problem.
521 System is busy, try again laterThere are unknown errors.
529 Operating Entity does not exist or Authorization failedThe entity that you are operating as does not exist.
540 Name server is existThe nameserver already exists.
554 Domain already registeredThe domain that you requested is already registered.
555 Resolve record already existThe DNS resolver record that you requested already exists.
556 Dns Is Not OursThe DNS server for the domain that you requested is not in BIZCN.
574 domain is expiredThe domain that you requested is expired.
576 the contactor info contains inhibitive keywords:The contactor information contains inhibitive keywords.
531 Authorization failedThe username and password of your account are not correct.
531 Must be an https connectionYou have to use an https connection to connect to the API.
531 Wrong IP connectionYour IP address is not authorized.

Last modified: June 5, 2024