The TransIP module allows you to register and manage domains with TransIP.

Supported Features

RegisterTransferRenewRegistrar LockUpdate Nameservers
Update WHOISGet EPP CodeRegister NameserversDNS Record ManagementEmail Forwarding
Domain ReleaseDomain Sync ScriptPremium DomainsTransfer Out AutomationTLD Pricing Sync


To activate and begin using the TransIP registrar module:

  1. Log in to the WHMCS Admin Area.
  2. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Registrars.
  3. Click Activate for Transip.
  4. Enter your TransIP API credentials:
    • For TransIP Region, select the TransIP brand that corresponds to your TransIP account (,, or In WHMCS 8.4 and earlier, this was Endpoint.
    • For Username, enter the username that you use to log in to the TransIP website. In WHMCS 8.4 and earlier, this was Login.
    • For Private Key, enter a private key that you generate in the TransIP control panel. To do this, go to Account > My Account > API in the TransIP control panel, enter a label, and click Add Key Pair. Then, copy-and-paste the private key into WHMCS.
  5. Check Test Mode if you want to test the WHMCS integration with the TransIP sandbox.
    • While Test Mode is selected, you and your customers will be unable to register domains through TransIP.
    • Make certain that you deselect Test Mode when you are not actively testing TransIP registrations.
  6. Click Save Changes.
Before you can begin using the TransIP API with your account, you must authorize your server IP address for access to your account (see below).

IP Registration

Optionally, you can enable IP address restriction in the TransIP control panel at Account () > My Account > API.

API Settings in TransIP

You can find the IP address to whitelist at Help () > License Information in the WHMCS Admin Area.

Auto Registration

By default, TransIP does not provide a method to renew domains on demand and so WHMCS cannot automate renewals for them. Instead, TransIP automatically renews domain registrations from within the TransIP control panel.

You can enable automatic renewals at at Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Pricing.

Company Information

We added the Company Type, Company Name, and Company Number text boxes in WHMCS 8.6.

If a client registering a domain is representing a company, their domain configuration includes a company name and company number.

In order to display these text boxes during checkout, you must select TransIP for Auto Registration at Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Pricing. If you do not or if the client does not enter this information, the domain registration will not include a company.

To translate these field names, use the following LangVar keys:

LangVar KeyDescription
TIPCompanyTypeThe company’s type.
TIPCompanyNameThe company name.
TIPCompanyNumberThe company number.
For more information, see Additional Domain Fields.


Partially Loaded Page

In WHMCS 8.4 and earlier, if your server doesn’t have SOAP compiled with the required functions in PHP by default, the module may fail. To resolve this, recompile PHP with SOAP support.

Updates Not Taking Effect

Due to the volume of requests throughout the day, the update process happens asynchronously. There may be a period of several minutes between a change and the corresponding update.

For example, if a nameserver change displays as pending in the Transip control panel, you may not be able to make other changes to the domain until the nameserver change has been processed.

Last modified: June 24, 2024