The Webnic module allows you to register and manage domains with WebNIC.

Supported Features

RegisterTransferRenewRegistrar LockUpdate Nameservers
Update WHOISGet EPP CodeRegister NameserversDNS Record ManagementEmail Forwarding
Domain ReleaseDomain Sync ScriptPremium DomainsTransfer Out AutomationTLD Pricing Sync


To activate and begin using the Webnic registrar module:

  1. Log in to the WHMCS Admin Area.
  2. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Registrars.
  3. Find Webnic in the list.
  4. Click Activate.
  5. Enter your WebNIC credentials.
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. In the WebNIC reseller panel, go to System Manager > System Settings > Reseller IP Management, and specify the IP address for your WHMCS installation.
    • You can find the IP you need them to whitelist by going to Help () > License Information in WHMCS.
    • If you do not do this, you will see an IP Address Prohibited error.

Test Mode

You can use test mode to simulate domain registration and management function without registering a domain or incurring charges. This can be useful to test WHMCS configurations.

Automatic Registration

WHMCS allows you to set up automatic domain registration on a per-extension basis, enabling you to use different registrars for different TLDs.

To enable automatic registration, see Domain Pricing.


Wrong logon name or password. Please try again

Contact WebNIC support for a password reset.

IP Address prohibited

This error message indicates that the IP address of the server where WHMCS is installed which used to connect to WebNIC API server is not added in your reseller account. Log in to the WebNIC reseller panel and add the particular IP into your reseller account. The IP address is usually able to be found from the IP your WHMCS is assigned to.

Partner authentication failure

This error message indicates the login details you have input in Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Registrars for the WebNIC module are incorrect.

Make sure you have input the correct source (WebNIC partner ID and API password) of Reseller login details. If you’ve forgotten your partner ID and password, please seek assistance from WebNIC support.

2 IP authentication fail

In order to use the WebNIC API, you must first contact them and let them know the server IP address where you will be connecting from (the server IP address where you have WHMCS installed). This is part of WebNIC’s security measures to prevent unauthorized users being able to submit registration requests to your account.

Last modified: June 5, 2024