Add Spotlight TLD Logos

Add your own logo files to display in the Spotlight Extensions section of the domain registration page for any of the TLDs you offer.

Automatically Renew on Payment

Use the Auto Renew on Payment setting to configure WHMCS to automatically renew domains after the client has paid the renewal invoice.

Configure a Domain Extension

Update your Domain Pricing configuration to add more domain extensions (TLDs) to sell. Your registrar module must support them.

Configure a Lookup Provider

Configure a lookup provider for domain availability searches. This example changes the lookup provider from the default to Enom.

Configure Grace Periods and Fees

Configure your domain grace and redemption fees to charge customers for renewing expired domains during the grace and redemption periods.

Customize Registration Options

Customize the domain options that display during the ordering process: domain registration, domain transfers, or using an existing domain.

Disable Automatic Renewals

You can manually disable renewals for an individual domain. You may want to do this if you want the domain to expire without an invoice.