Add Spotlight TLD Logos

The Register Domain page in the Client Area

The Spotlight Extensions section of the Client Area Register Domain page displays logos and pricing information for popular domain extensions.

WHMCS distributes many of the most common and popular TLD logos by default. You can also add your own and customize the page’s CSS.

If a logo image is not available in the /assets/img/tld_logos/ directory of your WHMCS installation, that extension will not appear in the Spotlight TLDs section of the page.

To add a logo for a TLD, upload the desired image file to the assets/img/tld_logos directory in your WHMCS installation.

  • When you add logos, you must name your logo image files after the extension they represent.
  • For optimal compatibility, logo files should use the .png format and have a transparent background.
  • Future upgrades won’t affect any additional logo files you add to this directory.

Custom CSS

You can customize the look and feel of your spotlight TLDs by adding the following CSS to your custom.css file in the templates/template_name/css/custom.css file, where template_name is the template name:

.featured-tld .price.tld_here {
    background-color: #42AC60;
    color: #fff;

Last modified: June 11, 2024