Domain Pricing

Your Domain Pricing configuration sets the prices for domain registrations and how to handle namespinning, premium domains, and more.

Free Domains

Free domains are an addition to your product offerings that can incentivize your customers to sign up for longer hosting plan terms.

International Domain Names

International Domain Names (IDNs) include language-specific scripts like Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, or other non-ASCII characters.

Premium Domains

Premium Domains are domains with short, common, memorable, or desirable names that sell for a higher price at your domain registrar.

Registrar Pricing Sync

The Registrar TLD Sync feature imports domain extension (TLD) information and pricing from domain registrars that support syncing.

Domain Categories

Domain categories group domain extensions (TLDs) into customizable categories like Popular or Business in your Client Area.

Custom Domain Fields

Additional domain fields (extended attributes) display when ordering specific domain extensions (TLDs) to capture all necessary data.