Premium Domains

Searching for a premium domain in the Client Area

Premium Domains are names with short, common or desirable words.

  • Usually providing a more memorable web address for a premium price.
  • Your domain registrar determines which domain names are premium domains.

You can enable premium domains and configure a compatible lookup provider at Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Pricing.

Supported Registrars

Premium Domain support is available when using the following registrars for WHOIS lookups:


WHMCS fetches premium domain pricing in real time from your domain registrar’s API. It applies pricing markup according to the configuration that you set at Configuration () > System Settings > Domain Pricing.

Configuring pricing for premium domains in Domain Pricing

You can specify the markup as a percentage of the registrar’s price. For example, to add a 20% markup to premium domain prices that are below $200, enter 200 for Price < and 20 for Markup %.

  • Premium pricing levels apply up to, but not including, the price that you enter in Price <. In the above example, the 20% markup would apply to premium domains that the registrar prices at $199.99, but would not apply to premium domains that the registrar prices at $200.00.
  • The system returns premium pricing in the currency that you have configured for the registrar account. You must configure this currency in WHMCS at Configuration () > System Settings > Currencies.

Overriding Prices

A message advising to contact support in the Client Area

A premium domain cost can range from tens of dollars to thousands. In some situations, the cost of the domain could exceed the balance of a registrar account or require additional validation to confirm that the customer is aware of the price that they will pay.

You can use the PremiumPriceOverride and PremiumPriceRecalculateionOverride hooks to override the registration or renewal prices of a domain that a client is ordering.

You could also use them to indicate that the domain is unavailable:

A premium domain is unavailable in the Client Area


Registration for premium domains is only possible for one year, and clients can only order renewals for one year. After purchase, the domain is a premium domain if a premium renewal price is available at the registrar.

Recurring Price

The Recurring Amount for a premium domain in the Client Profile

In the client’s profile’s Domains tab, the current renewal cost from the registrar displays as Premium Renewal Cost Price under Recurring Amount.

Premium Renewal Cost Price does not include your configured markup amount.

Toggling Recalculate on Save to YES will recalculate the recurring cost for the domain when you save your changes.

Last modified: May 28, 2024