WHMCS Distributions

Throughout each year, WHMCS releases new features and provides maintenance and critical fixes through multiple distribution methods.

For more information about our releases and the development cycle, see Long-Term Support.

Release Types

WHMCS makes several different types of releases and with different distribution options. You can identify the distribution type by examining the distribution’s .zip file and the contents of the included README.txt file:

Distribution Type.zip Filename Contains.README.txt File ContainsFiles IncludedUse For
Full Release_fullDistro Type: Full VersionAll files for an installation.New installations or updates to an existing installation (regardless of previous version).
Patch Set_patchDistro Type: Patch SetOnly files changed since the immediate previous version.Updates to an existing installation that has stayed up-to-date with the latest WHMCS releases.

For example, we would recommend using a Full Release distribution to move from an End-of-Life version to the newest release. You could only use a Patch Set distribution if you were moving from the immediately previous release to the newest release.

To download the most recent version of WHMCS, go to WHMCS Downloads.

Getting Download Information

You can use the WHMCS API to retrieve information about recent WHMCS releases, including download locations, with a cURL command.

For example, the following curl command would return the following JSON response:

curl https://api1.whmcs.com/download/latest?type=stable
"version": "7.9.2",
"url": "https://releases.whmcs.com/v2/pkgs/whmcs-7.9.2-release.1.zip",
"releaseNotesUrl": "https://docs.whmcs.com/Version_7.9.2_Release_Notes",
"changelogUrl": "https://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V7.9.2"

Input Parameters

typestringThe type of release information to retrieve. You can specify stable, beta, rc, preprod, or any. The default value is stable.No

Return Parameters

versionstringThe most recent version that matches the specified release type.
urlstringThe download location for the ZIP file for that version release.
sha256ChecksumstringThe ZIP file’s SHA-256 checksum value.
releaseNotesUrlstringThe URL for the version’s release notes.
changelogUrlstringThe URL for the version’s change log.

Last modified: June 24, 2024