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The WHM Import Tool can be accessed using the Utilities menu. This will allow you to import all the domains from your existing cPanel/WHM servers. It can save hours of time and is very easy to use. Here is how:

Importing from cPanel/WHM

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WHM Import List
  1. You must first ensure you have setup the server you wish to import accounts from in Setup > Products/Services > Servers
  2. Next, go to Utilities > cPanel/WHM Import
  3. Now choose the server you want to import accounts from in the dropdown box
  4. A list of the accounts on that server will now be displayed
  5. From here you can select the accounts you wish to import - it will highlight domains that already exist in your WHMCS system so you don't create duplicates - and you can select all the accounts in one go by clicking the checkbox in the header row
  6. Then simply click the Import button at the bottom of the page an the accounts will be imported

The information cPanel stores is very limited, for example it doesn't hold the clients name, the amount they pay or their next due date. So importing does require some manual work too but what can be imported (domain, username, server & package) does mean that all the cPanel account management functions are possible from WHMCS, for example Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate/Upgrades/Downgrades & Password Resets.

Accounts created by the import process have their domains & usernames retrieved automatically from the server, as well as being assigned to the appropriate package and server within WHMCS. But due to no billing details being stored in cpanel, initially all accounts will be set to free and you will then need to go through and update the imported domains with the appropriate pricing, billing cycles, next due dates and client information.

Quite often you may find you need to move the domains around and group more than one domain to certain clients. To do this, see the Moving a Product/Service to another Client article in the Products Management section. or Merging Clients in the Client Management section.


The Show only Domains with Status Mismatch button will display products set to Cancelled, Terminated or Fraud in your WHMCS but exist on the server. This allows a quick audit of accounts that should not be online according to WHMCS but are still online on the server.

In order to login to the client area for the first time, clients will need to use the password reset function to set a password. They will then be able to login as normal.

Common Problems

Import Failed

This error occurs when an account cannot be assigned to a package in WHMCS. This happens when there is no package setup for the WHM Package Name in WHMCS. Before performing an import, you must ensure you have setup all the packages in use on the server by accounts you are wanting to import on a package in WHMCS. To do this, go to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Module Settings tab, and enter the WHM Package Name such as "demohost_Starter" in the Package Name field on the modules settings tab.

No Accounts Found

Seeing this message suggests WHMCS in unable to connect to your server. If your server requires an SSL connection ensure the Setup > Products/Services > Servers > Edit > Secure checkbox is ticked and try again. If the problem persists try creating a new account on the account using WHMCS and if that fails please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide for what to do next.

Could not resolve host: (Code 6)

Encountering a Code 6 cURL error indicates that the IP Address field in the server configuration is empty. To resolve, navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Servers > Edit and complete the IP Address field with your server's IP address.