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cPanel Single Sign-On is available in WHMCS 6.0 and later.

Single Sign-On allows users to transition from WHMCS to the cPanel or WHM interfaces without having to re-authenticate. It is utilised:

  • In the client area to login to cPanel for shared hosting accounts
  • In the client area to login to WHM for reseller hosting accounts
  • In the admin area to login to cPanel for shared hosting accounts
  • In the admin area to login to WHM for reseller hosting accounts
  • In the admin area to login to WHM for all cPanel servers configured in the WHMCS installation

For more information on the admin area capabilities, please refer to the WHMCS Connect documentation.


To use cPanel Single Sign-On your servers need to be running cPanel & WHM 11.46 and higher.

To use the deep linking functionality used within the client area your servers need to be running cPanel & WHM 11.50 and higher.


All clients have permission to perform single sign-on into any hosting account within their client account.

For users with administrative privileges, you can control access to Single Sign-On functionality on a per server and per admin user group basis.

For example you can allow users of Admin Role Group 1 to perform Single Sign-On for Servers 1 and 3, while users of Admin Role Group 2 can only perform Single Sign-On to Server 2.

Permissions can be configured for a server in Setup > Servers. Edit the server you wish to adjust the permissions for, scroll down until you reach the SSO Access Control section. Then under the Access Control setting select Restricted after which a list of admin role groups will be displayed for you to be able to choose which admin role groups should be allowed to utilise Single Sign-On with the selected server.


Customising Single Sign-On Shortcuts

Products assigned to the cPanel module and using a Version 6 compatible theme will see the following interface client side in WHMCS 6.0 and later. Taking full advantage of the Single Sign-On integration between our two products, this new end-user interface is designed to provide your clients with an easy and convenient way to access many of the most commonly used functionalities of the cPanel control panel, all directly from within your WHMCS member portal.

What your end users see is controlled by the template file /modules/servers/cpanel/templates/overview.tpl and can be customised to remove any features or functionality you don't wish your users to have access to.

Please refer to the Working with Module Templates guide for more information on how to go about customising the template.



  • cPanel Single Sign-On can be performed for any user owned by the WHM user configured for a cPanel server within the WHMCS installation. In the case of a WHM reseller account, what this means is that if you do not own your own account you will not be able to perform Single Sign-On into it. Attempting to login will result in the error " Action Failed Unable to auto-login. Please contact support".