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Version 6.0.0 Beta Release Notes

We have recently changed our internal issue tracker, and as a result, case numbers now have a new format. In the changelog we show the new style case number first, with the older style case number in brackets if the issue was previously tracked under the old system. In some cases, an issue may have multiple related issue numbers in the new system and in those cases, these will be listed in an "Also known as" additional line below the issue description.

If you have any questions about the new format, please open a ticket with our support team.


BACKLOG-5902 (#3734) - Create the WHMCS updater base routines
BACKLOG-5925 (#4351) - Remove old WHMCS files as part of an incremental update
BACKLOG-6072 (#4154) - Create base models
    Also known as: CORE-8051
CORE-5911 (#2516) - WHMCS backups cannot be unzipped on Mac OSX
CORE-5994 (#2619) - Monthly Pricing Breakdown not displayed on modern and slider templates
CORE-6130 (#2793) - Save Email Forwards vars incorrectly formatted
CORE-6154 (#2848) - Implement auto cancel of PayPal subscriptions
CORE-6210 (#2945) - Refund should reduce credit automatically
CORE-6317 (#3102) - Add ClientMerged Hook point
CORE-6375 (#3185) - Optimise tables option in WHMCS can stop when the same operation in phpmyadmin succeeds
    Also known as: CORE-7874
CORE-6428 (#3260) - Deleting an invoice where credit was used prompts to return credit to the client's account
CORE-6436 (#3269) - productsInfo feed passing old version of ajax order as return
CORE-6448 (#3288) - Information disregarded/saved incorrectly when adding transactions through Clients Profile
CORE-6458 (#3300) - Add .de additional domain fields to Internetbs module
CORE-6488 (#3340) - PDF Filename not set correctly in email when / or \ used in the Invoice # field
    Also known as: CORE-7648
CORE-6496 (#3349) - Global Email Header and Footer naming misleading
CORE-6497 (#3350) - Affiliate e-mail report showing all referrals
CORE-6498 (#3351) - Marking Cancelled Invoice Paid not updating status
CORE-6529 (#3390) - Disabled Servers still shown for new orders
CORE-6541 (#3406) - Ticket Mask %i value does not populate
CORE-6596 (#3506) - No To Do item created or email sent when upgrade fails
CORE-6599 (#3512) - Knowledgebase 'Add to Favourites' link non-functional
CORE-6630 (#3616) - Sales Tax Liability Report incorrectly includes Add Funds invoices
CORE-6636 (#3625) - Client Login hook being run when add client in admin area
CORE-6721 (#3723) - Email Template Unique name is not enforced
CORE-6782 (#3823) - HUF Currencies for PayPal do not round correctly
CORE-6804 (#3866) - Fixed Amount Promo only discounting setup fee, not product price
CORE-6832 (#3921) - Splitting a ticket with attachments in both replies causes it to include the wrong files
CORE-6866 (#3975) - Promos applied during the Admin Order Process apply w/o restrictions
CORE-6883 (#4008) - Use composer for autoload and dependency management
CORE-6888 (#4015) - Introduce a WHMCS namespace.
CORE-6961 (#4110) - Migrate to Smarty 3
CORE-7071 (#4281) - Fallback to english on admin/accessdenied.php if no language settings is set
CORE-7101 (#4326) - Hidden configurable options not keeping same option
CORE-7121 (#4372) - Show "Admin Only" custom fields on the Add Order page in the Admin area
CORE-7153 (#4407) - Remove duplicate tblconfiguration settings on update to 6.0.0
CORE-7219 (#4491) - Auto release requires a admin with id of 1
    Also known as: MODULE-5998
CORE-7239 (#4514) - Activate Free Addons when Auto-Activate on Payment option is checked
CORE-7285 (#4563) - Add Support for Free Domains
CORE-7289 (#4567) - Stock control checks only upon item selection
CORE-7298 (#4579) - Add custtype field to older order form templates (viewcart.tpl)
CORE-7309 (#4593) - MySQL Timezone affecting time ban when different to PHP Time
CORE-7323 (#4607) - Add indexes to various tables
    Also known as: CORE-6048
CORE-7325 (#4610) - when running an upgrade from a one time product > recurring product, the next due date is not being set
CORE-7327 (#4613) - Style drops from Verticalsteps orderform on Incorrect Login
CORE-7354 (#4652) - Add new View & Accept Quote sub-account ACL
CORE-7389 (#4702) - Create a more human friendly API for setting custom field values via order links
CORE-7391 (#4705) - Add support for module dropdown options to have differing key/display values
CORE-7406 (#4727) - Uncaught exception when valid database connection details in config file but no database tables in WHMCS 6.0+
CORE-7453 (#4801) - Adding a KB article to multiple categories including hidden makes article unavailable
    Also known as: CORE-8415
CORE-7481 (#4844) - Modify Contact Page for domain does not use transliteration hook
CORE-7529 (#4918) - A fresh installer will guard against overwriting an existing database schema
CORE-7543 (#4952) - Create "assets" folder and move all images, css and javascript into it
CORE-7544 (#4953) - Deleting a contact is not recorded in activity log
CORE-7558 (#4977) - Configure registrars password fields are passed back in cleartext
CORE-7673 (#5151) - Implemented Knowledgebase Tagging (Tag Cloud)
CORE-7704 (#5202) - Update Admin Area to use Module Display Names
CORE-7706 (#5204) - Add user access control support to cPanel Single Sign-On
CORE-7708 (#5206) - Add full bootstrap support to Admin Area Blend Theme
CORE-7709 (#5207) - Implemented Automatic Unsuspend Client Notifications
CORE-7713 (#5213) - Allow PayPal Sandbox Support
CORE-7714 (#5214) - Allow more then 999 affiliates
CORE-7715 (#5215) - Prevent Add Payment button being clicked multiple times
CORE-7716 (#5216) - Fix SMTP Debug display
CORE-7717 (#5217) - [Maxmind] Make address checks optional when address fields are optional in general settings
CORE-7723 (#5226) - Allow provisioning modules to fully control client area product details output
CORE-7742 (#5262) - Domain Pricing Registration is -1.00 by default
CORE-7746 (#5268) - Logic used in determining whether to show the close button for a ticket is outdated
CORE-7759 (#5287) - Update system requirements in the 6.0 installer.
CORE-7769 (#5313) - Add a mail template "master" scope.
CORE-7774 (#5320) - Removing the IP Address from the Whitelisted IPs in General Settings does not update current Page
CORE-7778 (#5324) - Domain field for registrations and transfers in admin order form requires TLD be lowercase
CORE-7799 (#5352) - Mass Mailing fails when disabling Rich Text Editor
    Also known as: CORE-7764
CORE-7806 (#5361) - Implement theme level configuration
CORE-7813 (#5371) - When deleting invoices / transactions / orders if you don't select any it tries and deletes nothing, should show an error
CORE-7815 (#5373) - Tax not listed in welcome email for upgrade orders
CORE-7823 (#5398) - Added whois server
CORE-7831 (#5411) - Template defined vars not available on clientssummary.tpl
CORE-7839 (#5423) - Make V4 admin theme compatible with bootstrap changes to admin output
CORE-7851 (#5454) - Prevent users from converting quote to invoice if they do not have 'create invoice' permission
CORE-7880 (#5492) - When using a status filter, the admin notes move out of the text field
CORE-7900 (#5516) - </body> tag missing from admin homepage with development licence
CORE-7980 (#3097) - Display an error when a user attempts to "Mark Paid" an invoice with a 0.00 balance
CORE-8148 - Require current password to make changes via My Account admin page
CORE-8158 - invoicecreationpreemail not running on upgrade/downgrade order invoice creation
CORE-8163 - Spelling error in FreeDomainAutoRenewRequiresProduct function error message
CORE-8216 - Introduce the concept of locales for language files
CORE-8218 - Make admin area dialog draggable
CORE-8232 - Ensure all variables are available in the moduleCall method as appear in regSaveContactDetails
CORE-8287 - Add support for metadata api response in cPanel Single Sign On
CORE-8348 - Properly render enabled state of "Prevent Email Reopening" in General Setting
    Also known as: ADDON-5942
CORE-8350 - when upgrading configurable options from the admin UI, it throws invalid billing cycle error
CORE-8351 - Smarty {$domain_days_until_nextdue} variable incorrectly populated to 0
CORE-8383 - Save Yesno options for modules as on/off
CORE-8430 - Discontinue the original admin theme
CORE-8432 - Remove legacy NOMD5 setting
VSIX-10 - Discontinue ajax cart order form
VSIX-11 - Update boxes order form template for bootstrap compatibility
VSIX-12 - Drop web20cart order form - to be replaced with updated cart order form
VSIX-15 - Update modern order form for bootstrap compatibility
VSIX-52 - Implement WHMCS Connect
VSIX-97 - Update jQuery UI to v1.11.2
VSIX-147 - Implement new language params/variables to language chooser for flags selection
VSIX-261 - Update Bootstrap to V3.3.4


MODULE-5909 (#4759) - Add Module Debug Logging to Kashflow module
    Also known as: CORE-7436
MODULE-5919 (#3642) - [eNom] New .nu extended attributes
    Also known as: CORE-6648
MODULE-5924 (#5406) - ACH Direct is now forte payment systems
    Also known as: CORE-7828
MODULE-5978 (#3423) - Kayako Login Share defaults to Client Login
    Also known as: CORE-6552
MODULE-5999 (#4590) - Deleting contact for domain order sends empty request
    Also known as: CORE-7306
MODULE-6038 (#5245) - [ResellerClub] Add support for .london gTLD
    Also known as: CORE-7733
MODULE-6045 (#3483) - WebNIC module always attempts Organisation registration
    Also known as: CORE-6585
MODULE-6068 (#4922) - "Available Payment Gateways" ignored when adding 2 products or more to the same cart
    Also known as: CORE-7531
MODULE-6141 (#4011) - cPanel Single Sign-On
    Also known as: CORE-6885
MODULE-6162 (#4602) - Add support for custom ports in server modules
    Also known as: CORE-7318
MODULE-6181 (#4488) - resellerclub module does not honor custom contact info
    Also known as: CORE-7216
MODULE-6183 (#4951) - Implement hardcoded tabs to use Admin tab class
    Also known as: CORE-7542
MODULE-6239 (#2660) - EU VAT Addon - Invoice date on Payment non-functional for mass payment
    Also known as: CORE-6023


CORE-6510 (#3367) - Custom Field validation not completed on Update Commands
CORE-6513 (#3370) - CreateInvoice command sending InvoiceCreated email for all payment methods
CORE-7371 (#4675) - UpdateClientProduct command does not allow clearing data
CORE-7827 (#5403) - Updateclientproduct call is not autorecalc when passing value as true for hidden config options
CORE-7837 (#5419) - Addtransaction call does not require date, passes "now()" in its place
CORE-7875 (#5485) - Percentage promo codes calculated based upon the base product price when a price override is specified
CORE-8388 - Num Created is not returned through the command geninvoices