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Version 6.0.0 Beta Release Notes


VSIX-312 - Implement Payment Gateways Onboarding Page
VSIX-497 - Don't show domain statistics tile on client area home when domain registration is disabled
VSIX-533 - Fix typos in captcha variables
VSIX-553 - Re-introduce captcha support into new domain checker interface
VSIX-561 - Incorrect number next to Expiring in 180 Days in Domains Sidebar
VSIX-566 - Affiliate emails affiliate link contains double forward slash
VSIX-567 - Order management page displays language key variable for all custom statuses
VSIX-570 - Backslashes being displayed in Domain Namespinning end of results text
VSIX-574 - Refine responsive behaviour of configure product step buttons in Modern order form template
VSIX-576 - State and Country fields should adhere to locked client profile field settings
VSIX-577 - Remove email address from Your Info panel box
VSIX-580 - Cancel button on submit ticket process should return to ticket list
VSIX-605 - Pricing Table should be displayed on the Bulk Register/Transfer Pages
VSIX-616 - Add toggle indicator to sidebar table list filters
VSIX-617 - Links in Announcements, Downloads & Kb pages malformed when using SEO URLs
VSIX-618 - Homepage announcements listing displaying incorrect dates
VSIX-619 - Hide security questions infobox when client registration is disabled
VSIX-620 - Knowledgebase articles are not being shown in configured display order
VSIX-621 - Rename Close Ticket button in View Ticket Sidebar
VSIX-622 - Color picker content expands outside of container
VSIX-623 - Ticket Number must be displayed on the View Ticket page
VSIX-625 - Prices missing from Configurable Options when using direct order link
VSIX-626 - Sidebar table list filter options in Domains List not using language file values
VSIX-627 - View Ticket always shows ticket status in English
VSIX-628 - View Ticket Rating Stars Misaligned
VSIX-633 - Custom Crons Directory: Improve error handling in broken WHMCS Path scenario
VSIX-634 - Custom Crons Directory: Improve error handling in broken Crons Dir Path scenario
VSIX-636 - Hide Manage Domain button in cPanel interface when domain registration not present
VSIX-637 - Hide Addons & Extras dropdown from cPanel interface when no addons exist
VSIX-640 - eNom New TLDs Addon: Update display styling for Version 6
VSIX-641 - EU VAT Addon: Update display styling for Version 6
VSIX-642 - Google Analytics and KashFlow: Update display styling for V6
VSIX-644 - Usage stats update routine fails to make external API calls
VSIX-647 - Update styling of Access Denied admin area page
VSIX-648 - Knowledgebase sidebar displays under content in main column
VSIX-649 - Implement system requirements check to upgrade process
VSIX-650 - Update credit card details popup display styling for Version 6
VSIX-651 - Update domain pricing popup display styling for Version 6
VSIX-654 - Create New Project button within tickets not working
VSIX-656 - Choose contact not disabled in domain contact details update page
VSIX-657 - Client area contacts management page delete button always results in logout
VSIX-660 - cPanel SSO Login to WHM as root user failing under certain conditions
    Also known as: VSIX-643
VSIX-663 - Admin language change via My Account does not take effect
VSIX-665 - Facebook Recommend/Share always displays in announcements
VSIX-669 - Order management buttons fail when fraud module enabled
ADDON-5949 - Tax exempt status not being removed on change of country
CORE-8558 - Ensure admin user is redirected to installer on update of files
CORE-8559 - Log installer events to install/log/installer.log


MODULE-6254 - Plesk reseller accounts should provide login button via client area
MODULE-6257 - eNom: Update .it registration to use pre-existing additional domain fields
MODULE-6267 - Sagepay VSP Form: Add backwards compatibility for PHP 5.3


VSIX-573 - UpdateClient returns a null client id under certain conditions


CORE-8459 - Improve login introduction text translation in French language
CORE-8547 - Improve unpaid invoices translation in Dutch language
CORE-8554 - Add Hebrew Client Area Language File
VSIX-624 - Add Romanian language support