Changelog:WHMCS V6.0.0 RC 3

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Version 6.0.0 Beta Release Notes


CORE-6275 (#3028) - Relocate LinkPoint library to more appropriate location
CORE-6293 (#3065) - Prevent users from entering a Base Conversion Rate of Zero
CORE-8544 - Discontinue support for remotely hosted downloads in download files
CORE-8575 - Special characters should be transliterated prior to passing to domain registrars
CORE-8589 - Improve checking for writability of the installer log
VSIX-35 - Add additional hook points to client area
VSIX-64 - Revisit implementation of cPanel Single Sign-On styling in themes without sidebars
VSIX-456 - Appropriate tab not selected when using domain management shortcuts
VSIX-506 - Announcements sidebar includes months that have unpublished announcements
VSIX-508 - Make Modern Order Form user profile checkout fields responsive
VSIX-604 - Add javascript file docblock header to all six theme javascript files
VSIX-606 - Your Active Products/Services Homepage Panel displaying incorrect icon
VSIX-610 - Refine behaviour of cPanel client area UX across non six based themes
VSIX-655 - Required attribute on State input preventing creation of tax rules and clients without states
VSIX-671 - Resolve various mobile responsive layout bugs
VSIX-674 - Proxy cron files should only work with default relative location
VSIX-676 - Domain menu items should not display in client area when domain registration is disabled
VSIX-678 - All credit is lost upon deletion of invoice with credit applied to it
VSIX-680 - Client area support ticket list filter buttons display empty results
VSIX-684 - Remove discontinued Ajax Cart order form template warning on product group configuration screen
VSIX-690 - Clicking sidebar view filter menu item causes page scroll to jump back to top
VSIX-691 - Full Payment Gateways list should be sorted alphabetically
VSIX-692 - Provide notice on Manage Existing Gateways page when no gateways are active
VSIX-694 - Rename the crons directory config file to avoid overwriting on upgrade
VSIX-697 - Clicking Validate Promo on Modern order form template submits order
VSIX-703 - No Contacts Found in client area home sidebar is a clickable link
VSIX-704 - Client area home kb search does not work when using SSL
VSIX-706 - Fix password strength checker on cart order form template
VSIX-707 - Improve display of tabdrop overflow button dropdown in Blend admin theme
VSIX-710 - Domain checker text not updating/refreshing on new domain searches
VSIX-713 - Pagination non-functional in older client area themes
VSIX-717 - Render domain management sidebar menu items as disabled for non-active domains
VSIX-718 - Show domain status on domain details management page in client area
VSIX-723 - Prevent potential uncaught exception in shopping cart
VSIX-726 - Ensure first available tab is always selected in client area product details
VSIX-729 - Resolve in cart domain functionality not working in Modern order form template
VSIX-730 - Make product/server modules fail more nicely and easier to debug
VSIX-731 - getBaseURL() fails when WHMCS is installed to a directory that contains a portion of the requested file
VSIX-732 - Knowledgebase breadcrumb and tag cloud links are failing when using SEO URLs
VSIX-733 - Client area view ticket does not save rating for replies upon selection
VSIX-734 - Installer does not disable eAccelerator
VSIX-738 - Optimise boolean column conversion routine for large datasets
VSIX-742 - Admin view ticket create new project link padding causing tab spacing issue
VSIX-759 - Admin email notifications should not be wrapped in the client email header/footer templates