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Version 6.0.3 Release Notes


ADDON-5948 - Tax Exempt status should be removed when changing country to home country
ADDON-5968 - Use 24 Hour Clock in Project Management Time Picker
    Also known as: ADDON-5962
CORE-6256 (#2998) - Block existing domains checks are inaccurate under certain conditions
CORE-8900 - PDF Letter Size Setting Non-Functional
CORE-8907 - Improve performance when performing domain availability check with large number TLDs configured
CORE-8914 - Pay All button should be hidden when Mass Payment is disabled
CORE-8922 - Email subjects should allow Smarty conditional logic
CORE-8946 - Registrar module passwords are lost upon re-save
CORE-8994 - Project Management Addon: Fix attachment file upload paths in client area
CORE-8997 - Prevent fatal error when using quick upload to add a file to a product
CORE-9036 - Hook ClientAreaPageProductDetails does not set variables for Product Details Pages rendered by a module specific template
CORE-9216 - Fix improper recalculation of domain add-ons
VSIX-329 - Missing client language directory results in an uncaught fatal exception
VSIX-405 - Preserve input values on validation error in Whois Update


MODULE-6305 - Yubico can't activate/auth on client side
MODULE-6308 - Worldpay Future Callback fails to render correctly without sidebars