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Version 7.0 Release Notes


CORE-7118 (#4368) - Render line breaks in product description on configure product step of shopping cart
CORE-8936 - Fix status colours not being displayed correctly for non-english languages
    Also known as: CORE-9103
CORE-9563 - Provide more concise logging of application links activation failure following cPanel Error ID introduction
CORE-10043 - Ensure escalation rules ignore original ticket after ticket merge
CORE-10059 - Introduce global admin area check for MySQL strict mode
CORE-10104 - Update to .au whois server
CORE-10153 - Remove soon to be discontinued app store references
CORE-10175 - Ensure merged tickets are excluded from ticketsallactive admin template variable
CORE-10187 - Update to .ma whois server
CORE-10188 - Update to .mg whois server
CORE-10250 - Update to .ph whois server
CORE-10254 - Add support for header and footer templates in PDF invoice generation
CORE-10266 - Correct mapping of lastLoginHostname field in User Client class
CORE-10276 - Ensure Last Login Date in admin area shows valid data on no logins
CORE-10277 - Implement Spotlight TLDs to Product Domain ordering process
CORE-10283 - Introduce ability to search by invoice number in Intelligent Search
CORE-10285 - Add auto update environment compatibility checks to update page and health status
CORE-10290 - Implement client side validation logic for credit card input via admin UI
CORE-10291 - Fix incorrect path reference leading to open_basedir warning
CORE-10293 - Ensure Ticket Feedback per departments is triggered in all scenarios
CORE-10296 - Improve upgrade stability with multiple Ticket Feedback departments set
CORE-10301 - Improve cron behavior with certain types of client profiles
CORE-10312 - Implement Captcha support in new Domain Lookup
CORE-10323 - Update Nominet module compatibility with TLS requirements


MODULE-6439 - Improve logging of manual Futurepay payments
CORE-9932 - Improve tabOverviewReplacementTemplate functionality with URLs


CORE-10090 - Add Required and Raw Name for GetProducts API configurable options
CORE-10108 - Exclude merged tickets from GetStats API response


CORE-10119 - Dutch language translation & improvements
CORE-10284 - Russian language translation & improvements