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Version 7.0 Release Notes


FEATURE-1097 - Implement Recaptcha V2 to ticket submission and contact form
FEATURE-1312 - Add support for using direct user accounts with DuoSecurity module


CORE-9973 - Improve styling of the Mass Update Items popup on the Client Summary page
CORE-10057 - Improve search results when searching invoices with MariaDB 10.0.25
CORE-10078 - Improve UX of bulk update of items in admin client summary
CORE-10297 - Add Suspension Reason to Get Clients Products API
CORE-10330 - Update to .tr whois servers
CORE-10331 - Update to .istanbul whois server
CORE-10334 - Improve usability in domain pricing setup with smaller resolutions
CORE-10344 - Improve display of Support Ticket Statuses with no Latin characters
CORE-10350 - Remove double or trailing slash for system url in various admin notifications
CORE-10354 - Improve stability of automatic updater
CORE-10356 - Optimise memory usage in client area language locale loading
CORE-10360 - Ensure that PHP unlimited memory_limit set is properly respected
CORE-10365 - Introduction of additional hook points
CORE-10366 - Improve compatibility of "Add to Cart" button with translations enabled
CORE-10370 - Rebrand System Health & Updates Help Utility to System Health Status
CORE-10375 - Provide backwards compatibility for the 'template' variable to Smarty templates
CORE-10393 - Ensure Markdown line break is cross platform friendly
CORE-10409 - Ensure NewTLDs addon module is properly returning support email field
CORE-10411 - Fix bug resulting in error when making changes to "My Details" in client area
CORE-10421 - Implement 'EmailPreLog' hook
CORE-10430 - Ensure emails with attachments are sending correctly under certain conditions


MODULE-6432 - [Nominet] Specify xsi:schemaLocation in contact extension of contact creation command


CORE-10304 - Ensure order form honours orderforms.addedToCartRemove language string
CORE-10346 - Danish Translation additions and improvements