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Version 7.1.2 Release Notes


CORE-10094 - Filter merged tickets from client area variables for the legacy Five template
CORE-10682 - Correctly honor Disable Reply Email Logging save state
CORE-10719 - Correct Quick Links count for admin v4 template sidebar
CORE-10756 - Improve rendering of System Overview when Blend sidebar is minimised
CORE-10773 - Remove mcrypt from recommended PHP extensions
CORE-10776 - Ensure valid value for "Average First Response" on Support Overview
CORE-10778 - Update .coop whois server address
CORE-10783 - Prevent exception for system cron do commands without email report option
CORE-10792 - Make fifth nameserver from server available in service email template merge fields
CORE-10796 - Display accurate Currency Exchange Rates status on Automation Status page
CORE-10806 - Accept sole cron option DatabaseBackup with Do command
CORE-10810 - Improve setup suggest on Escalation Rules page
CORE-10814 - Fallback to Stable update channel if an invalid option is defined
CORE-10816 - Improve detection of PECL MySQL extension in PHP 7 environments
CORE-10819 - Correct link destination for "Total Active Clients" within the Client Activity Widget
CORE-10828 - Do not create activity log entries for high frequency cron tasks
CORE-10833 - Improve admin session expiry detection on form submission and subsequent re-authentication
    Also known as: CORE-10852
CORE-10836 - Update .ee whois server address
CORE-10840 - Improve responsive behaviour of admin homepage
CORE-10842 - Display tax rules in alphabetical order by country in configuration page
CORE-10843 - Improve cron activity detection during 7.1 upgrade routines
CORE-10847 - Improve robustness of sql upgrade queries
    Also known as: CORE-10844
CORE-10849 - Replace deprecated split() usage
    Also known as: MODULE-6495
CORE-10853 - Correct variables passed to ClientLogin hook
CORE-10857 - Exclude HostRecordCount from DNS Management page using eNom module
CORE-10860 - Correctly process eNom API availability response for large record sets
CORE-10868 - Honour Show on Order Form option when Clients Choose Gateways is disabled
CORE-10871 - Correct formatting within cart of flagged spotlight TLD's when using standard whois
CORE-10874 - Allow sole cron option DatabaseBackup with Skip command
CORE-10884 - Render Completed status label with distinct color on admin products/services list
CORE-10885 - Improve update mirror interaction for installations without Support & Updates
CORE-10888 - Display minimum functional version of cURL required in System Health
CORE-10896 - Improve redirection parsing and validation
CORE-10898 - Normalize management of Affiliate Withdrawal Minimum setting across client area
DEV-417 - Contextualize Updater environment and validation errors and provide additional help


MODULE-6479 - Correct Merchant Warrior testmode detection
MODULE-6483 - Improve Stripe template change detection logic
MODULE-6484 - Update Webnic testmode URL protocol
MODULE-6488 - Prevent error on Plesk Reseller Account editing (plesk/whmcs-plugin/pull/15)
    Also known as: CORE-10808
MODULE-6492 - Update Stripe module to accept 4 digit CVV in Admin Area
MODULE-6493 - Correctly load Eway Tokens credit card template in client area
MODULE-6498 - Correct client name provided to Stripe for token creation
    Also known as: MODULE-6497
MODULE-6502 - Use registrant contact for geo TLDs which do not support other contact type details
MODULE-6505 - Correct local IP identification for ResellerClub


CORE-10752 - Improvements for client area French translation
CORE-10858 - Improvements for client area Portuguese-BR translation