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Version 7.3 Release Notes


ADDON-5994 - Display Project Management widget when admin has permission
CORE-7570 (#5006) - Provide On Hold option for quote creation status
CORE-9808 - Provide more descriptive error when email template is disabled
CORE-10060 - Ensure table exists for prior to usage of Client Data Snapshot
CORE-10307 - Prevent conflict between admin and support department email addresses
CORE-10329 - Prevent multiple submissions of a single ticket reply via client area
CORE-11268 - Improve styling and responsive display of client email verification banner
CORE-11601 - Prevent erroneous 404 for custom Admin directory
CORE-11604 - Ensure SpotlightTLD Check does not run when no spotlight tlds
CORE-11609 - Standardize confirmation alerts throughout Six client area theme
CORE-11618 - Refined styling and layout of Admin area error pages
CORE-11621 - Prevent vertical shift in Whats New modal opening
CORE-11622 - Apply bootstrap field styling to custom field textarea type
CORE-11635 - Increase maximum storage size of transient data storage

Project Manager Addon

PMA-66 - Allow timer entries to be deleted
    Also known as: PMA-71,&nbsp;PMA-91
PMA-75 - Ensure time entry can be assigned to a task when editing
    Also known as: PMA-92
PMA-76 - Correct client association when creating a Project from a ticket
PMA-77 - Correct Due Date calendar selection when adding a task
PMA-78 - Correct consecutive usage of Due Date picker for Tasks
PMA-81 - Restore ability to edit admin user associate with tracked time
PMA-83 - Correct Delete button in edit task modal
    Also known as: PMA-100
PMA-85 - Ensure clients can see and files upload by admin users
    Also known as: PMA-97
PMA-86 - Correct JS paginate for products and optimise progress bar
PMA-88 - Use HTTPS for gravatars
PMA-94 - Ensure End Time records are properly stored
PMA-95 - Display task total time on tasks list
    Also known as: PMA-82
PMA-96 - Ensure project task time in the client area shows only hours and minutes
PMA-98 - Correct project status update when using API updateproject
    Also known as: CORE-9079


MODULE-6617 - Ensure module queue retry on addon runs for addon modules
MODULE-6621 - Accept.js: Allow migration of locally stored card data


CORE-11506 - Ensure AddCredit API emits error when required field "amount" is omitted
DOCS-6614 - Correct documentation for GetToDoItems API


CORE-11454 - Improvements for client area Portuguese-BR translation
CORE-11475 - Improvements for client area Swedish translation
CORE-11602 - Improvements for client area French translation
CORE-11605 - Improvements for client and admin area Hungarian translation
CORE-11627 - Improvements for client and admin area Arabic translation