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Version 7.4 Release Notes


FEATURE-1545 - Implement Email notification provider
CORE-11765 - Implement an Allowed Actions expand detail row for API Roles


CORE-11730 - Remove orphaned "View/Order Addons" Application Link
CORE-11747 - Update .us WHOIS
CORE-11753 - Correct variable passed to TicketPiping hook
CORE-11762 - Correct language key for API Role deletion conformation
CORE-11763 - Improve upgrade logic to prevent reaching the max prepared statement allowed by MySQL
CORE-11764 - Correct language key for 'roles' in Credential Management dialog
CORE-11768 - Ensure phone number is properly saved in General Settings -> Domains
CORE-11771 - UI refinements for API Role Management dialog
CORE-11775 - Ensure phone number auto-formatting is retained in UI when altering field focus
CORE-11776 - Various api and hook documentation corrections
CORE-11785 - Improve Notification message format for mobile Hipchat client
CORE-11805 - Correct monitored file list for /assets to prevent erroneous warning when updating beyond 7.4.0-beta.1


MODULE-6655 - Update Slimpay Sandbox Endpoint