Order Statuses

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Order statuses allow you to better organise your workflow & the setup area allows you to customise the default statuses as well as creating your own via Setup > Other > Order Statuses.

The order system has 4 core statuses. These are Pending, Active, Fraud and Cancelled. As the core system statuses, this means that orders are set to them automatically by the system when various events occur. For example when an order is flagged as fraudulent by a fraud protection module it's set to "Fraud. The names of these statuses therefore cannot be changed, but you can still edit their color and the way they are treated.

This is particularly useful for more complex products for which completion may take longer such as dedicated servers or website design so staff members can see more detailed updates on the progress of the client's order. For web design statuses such as Awaiting Approval, Design Sent or Pending Revisions may be appropriate, for dedicated servers statuses such as Building or Software Configuration could be used.

You can add any additional statuses that you want and these will then appear in the admin order details page as options for you to assign orders. The options you select allow you to determine how they are handled by the system and are explained in more detail below. The status of an order can be changed from the Order Details page.

Status Options

For each order status, you can set the following attributes:

  • Status Color - A six-digit hexadecimal representation of the color to display that status in
  • Include in Pending - Ticking this box includes the status in the orders considered Pending (Orders > Pending Orders)
  • Include in Active - Ticking this box includes the status in the orders considered as Active (Orders > Active Orders)
  • Include in Cancelled - Ticking this box includes the status in the orders considered as Cancelled (Orders > Cancelled Orders)
  • Sort Order - This determines in what order the orders statuses are displayed.