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Supported Features

Create Suspend Unsuspend Terminate
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Change Package Change Password Usage Updates Client Area Link
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The following ports should be open for outbound connections from your WHMCS server: 8443

Compatible Plesk Versions: 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, Onyx, Obsidian

Setting Up a Plesk Server

The following steps guide you through the process of setting up a server in WHMCS for Plesk Hosting Accounts in Plesk 11-12.

  1. Begin by going to Setup > Products/Services > Servers
  2. Click Add New Server
  3. Enter the server name, IP address, username and password as appropriate
  4. Set the type to Plesk
    Setting a custom port
  5. Custom Port: If you have a non-standard (8443) port for Plesk, you should enter the port number in the Access Hash section of the Server setup
  6. Be sure to tick the Secure option to connect using SSL mode as it is required by Plesk
  7. Click the Test Connection button to make sure the details are entered correctly and WHMCS can connect to Plesk
  8. Once the test connection reports success, click Save Changes to complete the process and add your new server

Setting Up a Plesk Package

Plesk Module Settings
Creating a Hosting Plan

To setup a Plesk package, go to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services. From there, you can create the product and configure the general settings and pricing info as normal, then for a shared hosting plan:

  1. On the Module Settings tab, select "plesk" in the module dropdown field and then for a shared hosting package:
  2. Create a Service Plan inside Plesk itself (in Hosting Services > Service Plans) and select the Service Plan Name from the dropdown that appears.
  3. From the Which IP addresses to use? dropdown select how you wish Plesk to assign IP addresses when accounts using this product are created.
  4. And then finally as with all products you have the option of choosing the automatic setup option you want for new orders, be it immediately as soon as the order is placed, as soon as the initial payment has been received (recommended) or waiting until an admin manually reviews & accepts the pending orders

For a reseller package

Plesk Module Settings
Creating a Reseller Plan
  1. Set the settings for the resellers own hosting account as above with one difference, the Product Type setting must be Reseller Account.
  2. Create a service plan inside Plesk itself (in Hosting Services > Service Plans > Reseller Plans tab)
  3. Under the Module Settings tab, select the desired Service Plan Name and Reseller Plan Name to define the resellers limits & permissions.


Creating a Reseller account will not create a shared hosting space for the reseller's website. Once the account has been created, the reseller can login to Plesk and set up their own hosting space.

Additional Options

The Plesk module supports two ways of increasing the value of your services (or upsell options) via addons and dedicated IP addresses.

Panel Addons

Plesk Panel Addons
WHMCS Plesk Configurable Options
WHMCS Plesk Bandwidth Configurable Options
  • Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Configurable Options
  • To attach Panel add-ons to the product, create a configurable option in the format:
Plesk <Panel add-on name>
  • Replace <Panel add-on name> with the name of the add-on exactly as they appear within the Plesk Panel add-ons page.
    • For example, if you refer to image Plesk Panel Addons, you can see one of the addons configured is Extra Bandwidth, with the resource of 5GB or 10GB.
    • We therefore have set inside WHMCS the name of this configurable addon to be Plesk Extra Bandwidth, see image WHMCS Plesk Configurable Options.
    • Lastly, to ensure that both the bandwidth options inside Plesk and the ones set inside WHMCS match, we have set the two options of 10Gb Extra Bandwidth and 5Gb Extra Bandwidth inside WHMCS, refer to image WHMCS Plesk Bandwidth Configurable Options.
  • Finally, ensure the products for which you wish to offer these options are selected in the 'Assigned Products' field.
  • More detailed instructions on creating configurable options are available here.

Dedicated IP Address

  • Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Configurable Options
  • Create configurable options with names Dedicated IPv4 or Dedicated IPv6 depending on the type of IP addresses that you want to offer.
  • Select the Option Type Yes/No for these options.
  • Finally, ensure the products for which you wish to offer these options are selected in the 'Assigned Products' field.
  • More detailed instructions on creating configurable options are available here.

A 'friendly name' can be assigned to configurable options so as to display a different name to clients on the WHMCS order form and client area. This is sometimes preferable to displaying the system value as it appears inside Plesk: Friendly Display Names.

Common Problems

The client account is getting setup but the domain is not

This is usually due to the permissions of the domain template exceeding the server resources or containing something such as ColdFusion support when the server doesn't support it. You should always test your domain template works directly in Plesk after setting it up if it is a new setup.

I get a blank command error from WHMCS when it tries to setup an account

This can occur if your firewall is blocking connections on port 8443. You need to open it on both the server WHMCS is on and the server WHMCS is connecting to for inbound and outbound connections.

With accounts created on my Plesk server from WHMCS the www. subdomain doesn't work

This happens due to the default DNS settings on a Plesk server and the requirement to tick a box when creating an account to enable it. To avoid that, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Plesk
  2. Click "Server"
  3. Click "DNS Settings"
  4. Click "Add New Record"
  5. Choose "CNAME" under record type
  6. Enter "www" in "Enter Domain Name"
  7. Enter "<domain>" in "Enter Canonical Name"
  8. Hit OK to complete the changes

Module Command Error: 1006 - Permission denied.

This indicates your Plesk login doesn't have the necessary permissions to use the API. You need the admin of the server to grant your Plesk reseller account permission to use the API - specifically this permission "Ability to use remote API" and that should resolve it

Module Command Error: 1013 - Template does not exist

This error message is coming direct from the Plesk API. When configuring the product, you have to enter the client and domain template names. These are currently incorrect or missing so you will need to correct them in Setup > Products/Services on the Modules Settings tab when editing your product

Module Command Error: 1014 - Parser error: Request is invalid

This error message indicates there is a field value missing - this is most commonly caused by having no assigned IPs in the client or domain templates IP pool.

Module Command Error: 1014 - Parser error: Cannot parse the XML from the source specified

The Plesk API only supports the characters a-z 0-9. If the client's profile contains other characters, accents etc, it will cause account creation to fail. You should edit the client's profile to remove these characters.

Module Command Error: 1018 - Unable to create hosting. IP address does not exist in client's pool

This error generally indicates that there is an issue with the IP pool configuration in Plesk. For example there not be any available IP addresses or having the first IP set as dedicated when it should be shared.

Error code: 0 Unable to find appropriate manager for this version of Panel. Plesk should be at least 8.0 version

This is a generic error message returned by the Plesk module; for example it could be indicative of a connection error or invalid credentials To identify the underlying error that is occurring the Utilities > Logs > Module Log tool can be used. Please enable it, reproduce the error, disable it again and the Response column will show the underlying error.

More detailed instructions using the Module Log are published at Troubleshooting_Module_Problems.

Page not Found/Timeout/502 Bad Gateway error creating accounts with Plesk 10+

By default Plesk 10 and above performs a forced restart of apache when an account is created or suspended which causes WHMCS to lose connection to the server, and if your WHMCS is on the same server, you will also lose connection to WHMCS at the same time. In order to resolve this please refer to the following knowledgebase article for instructions on configuring Plesk to perform a graceful restart instead:

Module Command Error: 2306 - Domain adding was failed. Error: xxxxx template failed: Unable to apply limits

This error message comes direct from the Plesk API. It means that the template you are attempting to use exceeds your limits or has a feature your server doesn't support. You should try creating an account with the template inside Plesk itself as then you get more details about the problem.

Unable to create account in Panel. The field 'username' is required.

This means the username under the client's Products/Services tab is empty.

You should enter a username, save changes and try module creation again. Also ensure Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Require Domains is ticked to avoid this in future.

1023. Unable to accept the template: the following limitations are exceeded

This issue occurs when the resources provided by the serivce plan add-on were already used by the subscription.

The resolve it, inside Plesk, within the subscription for that domain name, remove the referenced addon-on. Once removed, inside WHMCS on the service itself within the Products/Services tab of the admin user interface, use the "Upgrade/Downgrade" option selecting the addon-on and creating an upgrade order for it to be applied.

Error code: 1013. Error message: Customer with email '' is not found in panel. Please contact your service provide.

There are two potential causes of this error message:

1. The product type is set incorrectly in WHMCS. Ie. A reseller plan is configured as a shared hosting product in WHMCS or vice versa. To resolve this:

  • Login to WHMCS Admin Area
  • Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit
  • Review the Product Type setting
  • Adjust to Shared Hosting or Reseller Hosting to match the Plesk plan type
  • Click Save Changes

2. Missing data from a table inside Plesk.

If the error persists after following step 1 above, then refer to this article to correct missing data in Plesk:

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