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This page describes a feature available in version 7.3 and above

Sign-In Integrations is a feature that allows customers to connect popular services with a WHMCS installation for faster registration and sign-in.

Currently supported services include: Facebook, Google and Twitter.


How it Works

When enabled, the registration and login pages will present "Sign Up with Xxxx" and "Sign In with Xxxx" options that the user can choose from.

After initially connecting a service, either when signing up or later when signed into the customer portal, a customer can login to WHMCS quickly and easily, without needing any additional passwords, by selecting the desired service sign-in option.


Enabling Sign-In Integration for a provider requires providing WHMCS with API Credentials for the given provider.

To manage and configure Sign-In Integrations, navigate to Setup > Sign-In Integrations


Disconnecting Services

Customers can view and manage connected services by navigating to Profile > Security Settings within the client area.


From here a user can connect their account with any of the available sign-in services, as well as view any connected accounts and un-link them should they wish.


Warning: The Sign-In Integrations feature is not compatible with the Modern or Boxes order form templates.


Where possible, WHMCS will log any errors encountered using Sign-In Integrations under Utilities > Logs > Activity Log. The explanation for common errors is located on the following pages: