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Twitter Integration

Enter your Twitter username here and the two most recent tweets will appear at the bottom of the portal homepage in place of the "Latest Announcements" section. A "Follow us on Twitter" button will also appear, linking clients directly to your Twitter page. In addition to this your latest tweets will also show on your announcements page.

To use this option, your twitter account must not be protected.

Announcements Tweet

When selected your clients will see a "Tweet" box to allow them to share your announcement on directly on twitter. This will also show a count of the number of twitter shares this announcement has.

Facebook Recommend

Show a Recommend and Send button on your announcements to allow your clients to share them to Facebook.

Facebook Comments

Allow clients and visitors to comment on your announcements, this will also give an option post to Facebook as part of their comment which will share the announcement.

Google +1

Have your clients recommend your announcements on Google using their Google account. These recommendation counts will show on any Google search results for your site.