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WHMCS Single Sign-on allows trusted applications and third parties to authenticate users into a WHMCS installation automatically, without the user having to re-authenticate.

Supported Applications

The following applications are known to support and integrate WHMCS Single Sign-On:


Q. What if my customer doesn't want Single Sign-On?
A client area security setting means end users are in complete control of whether or not Single Sign-On is allowed for their client account. They can enable/disable it at any time simply via the Account > Security Settings section of the client area.

Q. How secure is it?
A. Our Single Sign-On implementation is based on the popular and widely used OAuth 2.0 authorization framework which outlines a secure workflow for accessing user data while protecting their account credentials.

Q. I'm a developer, how can I use it?
A. Developers should refer to our WHMCS Single Sign-On Developer Guide for technical information.