Deposit Funds

You can use WHMCS MarketConnect to resell products and services to your customers via your WHMCS installation. MarketConnect automatically sets up and configures these products and populates the Client Area with merchandising content and upsell recommendations.

Before you can start selling, you must link your WHMCS Marketplace account to your WHMCS installation and ensure that you have deposited enough funds in the account.

  • For steps to link your WHMCS Marketplace account to your WHMCS installation, see Activate MarketConnect.
  • We recommend setting up Low Balance Alerts to stay aware of your balance. For more information, see Set Up Balance Alerts.

Deposit Funds

  • The steps below deposit funds using PayPal®.
  • If you pay using a credit or debit card, you can also set up Automatic Balance Reloading to automatically add funds whenever your balance is below a set amount. For more information, see Set Up Balance Reloading.

To deposit funds in WHMCS Marketplace:

  1. Choose one of the following methods to go to the Deposit Funds page:
    • In the WHMCS Marketplace, go to My Account > Deposit Funds.
    • In the WHMCS Admin Area, go to Configuration () > System Settings > MarketConnect and click Deposit Funds under your MarketConnect balance in the top-right corner.
      Your Balance in MarketConnect
      You will not see a balance unless you have logged in to a WHMCS Marketplace account. For more information, see Activate MarketConnect.
      You will see a You are now being redirected to the WHMCS Marketplace message.
  2. Select your desired payment method. You can pay using PayPal or choose the Credit/Debit Card tab.
    Making a deposit in the WHMCS Marketplace
  3. Select the desired deposit amount.
  4. Click Make Deposit. If you are using PayPal, the system will redirect you to PayPal to complete the payment process.
  5. Follow the displayed instructions to provide your payment information.
    Making a deposit in the WHMCS Marketplace

After payment, you will return to the WHMCS Marketplace and a success message will appear. Allow up to a few minutes for your balance to update.

After you have successfully deposited funds, you can choose MarketConnect products and start selling.

Last modified: June 14, 2024