Start Selling MarketConnect

You can use WHMCS MarketConnect to resell products and services to your customers through your WHMCS installation. MarketConnect automatically sets up and configures these products and populates the Client Area with merchandising content and upsell recommendations.

Before you can get started selling MarketConnect products, you must link WHMCS to your WHMCS Marketplace account and deposit funds with WHMCS Marketplace.
For instructions to configure product pricing, see Configure MarketConnect Pricing.

Activate Selling for a Service Provider

To start selling a product:

  1. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > MarketConnect.
    MarketConnect in the Admin Area
  2. Click Start Selling for the desired service provider, or click Learn More and then click Activate.
    Activating Weebly through MarketConnect
  3. If you want to configure the service provider’s products, prices, and promotions before enabling sales, click Advanced Mode and make the desired changes.
  4. Click Activate Now.
    • WHMCS will automatically register you as a reseller with the service provider, set up the necessary products, and add promotions and landing pages to the Client Area.
    • The process may require up to 30 seconds, after which you will see a Success message.
      The Success message after activating a MarketConnect product
  5. Click OK.

After you activate a service provider, you will see a new menu item under Store in the Client Area.

Last modified: June 24, 2024