WHMCS MarketConnect lets you resell high-quality products like website builders and email security services to your customers through WHMCS.

You can activate and configure WHMCS MarketConnect at Configuration () > System Settings > MarketConnect.

Activating and using MarketConnect requires the Manage MarketConnect admin permission.

What is MarketConnect?

WHMCS MarketConnect is a platform that makes it easy to resell products from leading service providers with almost no additional effort from you. When you start selling a WHMCS MarketConnect product, WHMCS configures products, sets up automation, and adds merchandising content, landing pages, and promotions to your Client Area.

Service Providers

Each WHMCS MarketConnect service provider offers a separate portfolio of available products to sell.

DigiCert SSL Certificates in MarketConnect

You can click Learn More under each service provider listing to view more information, a product list, and the provider’s pricing structure.

Activate MarketConnect

To get started with MarketConnect, you will need to:

1. Connect to WHMCS Marketplace.

Logging in to MarketConnect

To use MarketConnect, you must first link your WHMCS installation and your WHMCS Marketplace account.

To do this, click Login/Create Account in the top-right corner.

For step-by-step instructions, see Activate MarketConnect.

2. Deposit funds.

You must deposit funds with your WHMCS Marketplace account before you can start selling MarketConnect products.

For step-by-step instructions, see Deposit Funds.

3. Choose products to sell.

You can choose products from any MarketConnect service provider and configure pricing and other product settings to suit your business.

For step-by-step instructions, see Start Selling MarketConnect and the information below.

Selling MarketConnect Products

Activating SSL certificate sales through MarketConnect

To start selling a product:

  1. Enable it at Configuration () > System Settings > MarketConnect.
  2. Click Start Selling for the desired service provider.
  3. Click Activate Now.

WHMCS will automatically set up the necessary products and addons and add promotions and landing pages to the Client Area.

For step-by-step instructions to activate MarketConnect service providers, see Start Selling MarketConnect.
MarketConnect requires you to add the USD currency at Configuration () > System Settings > Currencies.

Advanced Mode

You can review and configure additional settings before you start selling by clicking Advanced Mode in the Activate tab before you click Activate Now.

This allows you to configure individual product settings, set sale prices, and configure promotional details.

Manage Service Providers

You can configure options for products and associated promotions by clicking Manage for that service provider.

The Manage option for DigiCert in MarketConnect

Each service provider offers unique management options. Choose the desired tab to view the available settings and make your changes.

Managing Products for DigiCert in MarketConnect

For example, DigiCert® includes a Products tab with options to configure individual SSL certificate types.

For step-by-step instructions to configure products and pricing, see Start Selling MarketConnect.

Merchandizing Content

When you activate a service, WHMCS automatically sets up Client Area landing pages and promotions.

You can also customize or extend Client Area promotions, landing pages, and order forms through template modifications and hooks. For more information, see Promotion Customization.

Landing Pages

WHMCS ships with premade landing pages for each MarketConnect product. Each landing page includes sales information, branding assets, and direct access to order the product.

For more information, see MarketConnect Landing Pages.


Managing Promotion Settings for DigiCert in MarketConnect

Each service provider includes promotions that will appear in the shopping cart and Client Area.

  • The available promotions depend on the products that you have enabled.
  • You can configure the available promotions in the Promotion Settings tab when you manage a service provider.

MarketConnect Orders

When your customers place MarketConnect orders, they use the same functionality as any other order within WHMCS.

For more information about orders in WHMCS, see Order Management.

Placing Orders

Pricing in the SSL Certificates landing page

In the Admin Area, you can place orders normally at Orders > Add New Order.

In the Client Area, customers can place orders using the product’s landing page. They can then choose a MarketConnect landing page option (for example, they could click Buy Now) to go to the shopping cart for service configuration.

The configuration options depend on the product and service provider.

Configuring a MarketConnect product in the shopping cart

After configuration, customers can complete checkout using the normal process.

Viewing and Managing Orders

Managing a MarketConnect order

MarketConnect orders appear in the list at Orders > List All Orders.

All MarketConnect products have fully-automated provisioning that begins immediately after payment processing, or you can manually activate orders before payment.

  • Clicking Addon in the Item column allows you to perform various module commands.
  • The commands that you can perform depend on the product and service provider.
For more information, see the service provider’s documentation.

Last modified: June 24, 2024