360 Monitoring

WHMCS MarketConnect allows you to resell 360 Monitoring, a powerful way to ensure server performance and site uptime. Free and paid plans offer continuous website or website and server monitoring using an open-source monitoring agent.

360 Monitoring can track metrics, create personalized dashboards, send alerts, and export data and reports, allowing customers to optimize performance and detect downtime immediately.

Supported Actions

  • Automated Provisioning of new 360 Monitoring accounts.
  • Single Sign-On from the Client Area.
  • Integrated dashboard in the Client Area.
  • Promotions within the Client Area.
  • Automated renewal and cancellation.

Setup and Configuration

To activate and begin reselling 360 Monitoring:

  1. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > MarketConnect.
  2. Find 360 Monitoring.
  3. Click Start Selling.
  4. Click Activate Now.

360 Monitoring Automation

When ordering 360 Monitoring as an addon to a hosting plan, WHMCS and MarketConnect fully automate the 360 Monitoring account setup process and handle renewals.

Admin Management Actions

360 Monitoring actions in the client profile

When viewing any 360 Monitoring order in the Admin Area, admins can perform the following actions:

  • Create — Click to provision 360 Monitoring.
  • Renew — Click to renew 360 Monitoring for another billing period.
  • Terminate — Click to terminate the 360 Monitoring account.

Client Management Actions

360 Monitoring actions in the Client Area

When a logged-in client views the Product Details page for a service that includes 360 Monitoring, a panel will display monitoring details for the website or server.

  • For websites, this includes average load time, uptime, and the number of assigned monitors.
  • For servers, this includes the load average, CPU, memory, and disk use percentages, and the network speed.

The panel will also display any current alerts for the website or server, and it will allow the client to log in to 360 Monitoring using single sign-on.

Client Area Promotions

360 Monitoring promotion in the Client Area

MarketConnect supports displaying 360 Monitoring promotions in the Client Area homepage, the shopping cart, and when managing a hosting product that does not already include 360 Monitoring.

For more information, see MarketConnect Promotions.

Last modified: June 5, 2024