We added NordVPN to MarketConnect in WHMCS 8.7.

WHMCS MarketConnect allows you to resell NordVPN.

For more information, see our NordVPN Knowledgebase.

Supported Actions

NordVPN supports the following actions:

  • Automated provisioning of new NordVPN accounts.
  • Promotions within the Client Area.
  • Automated cancellation.

Setup and Configuration

To activate and begin reselling NordVPN:

  1. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > MarketConnect.
  2. Find NordVPN.
  3. Click Start Selling.
  4. Click Activate Now.

NordVPN Automation

When ordering NordVPN, WHMCS and MarketConnect fully automate the VPN account setup process.

  • After provisioning, customers will receive activation emails directly from NordVPN.
  • WHMCS does not currently offer SSO into NordVPN from within the Client Area, so customers must use these emails to set up access to their accounts.
If a customer activates a NordVPN account, deactivates it, and then activates it again, NordVPN will silently reactivate the subscription.

Client Area Promotions

NordVPN promotion in the Client Area

MarketConnect supports displaying NordVPN promotions in the Client Area homepage, the shopping cart, and when managing products if the customer does not currently have NordVPN.

For more information, see MarketConnect Promotions.

Last modified: June 11, 2024