Sell in Multiple Currencies

WHMCS lets you sell a single product in multiple currencies. You can set the product price in each currency manually, or WHMCS can automatically update it according to daily exchange rate fluctuations.

Configuring Multiple Currencies

You can configure as many currencies as you want at Configuration () > System Settings > Currencies.

For more information, see Currencies.

Setting Prices

WHMCS allows you to set your pricing in additional currencies automatically, using your base currency, or manually.


WHMCS can use existing prices in your base currency to automatically calculate the price for products in the currencies that you add.

To do this, go to Configuration () > System Settings > Currencies and click Update Product Prices.

Click Update Product Prices under the Currencies list

The above example would calculate a price in GBP using the existing default currency (USD) price.


To set fixed prices manually for an individual product:

  1. Go to Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services.
  2. Edit the desired product and go to the Pricing tab.
  3. Check Enable for the newly-added currency (in this example, GBP).
    Currencies in the Pricing tab for a product
  4. For Price, enter the desired price in the new currency.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Last modified: May 28, 2024