The Echeck module for allows you to process payments directly from a bank account. The system stores the details in the client profile and uses them for automated recurring billing on future invoices.

For our other supported payment gateways, see and CIM.

Supported Features

Type: Third-Party

3D SecureRemote Update CardRemote Delete CardAddPayMethod API

Adding the Echeck Payment Gateway

To set up the Echeck payment gateway in WHMCS:

  1. Go to Configuration () > Apps & Integrations or Addons > Apps & Integrations.
  2. Click Echeck.
  3. Check Show on Order Form to display this payment method in the Client Area during checkout.
  4. Enter your Echeck credentials.
  5. Enter a custom module name.
  6. Click Save Changes.


field is required

A <field> is required error indicates that is not receiving a required field value (for example, Email Address).

To resolve this, log in to your account and go to Account () > Settings > Payment Form > Form Fields. Make certain that none of the fields are required fields.

Last modified: June 24, 2024