Allow Users to Delete Cards

Configure WHMCS to allow users to delete client payment details for their saved credit and debit cards (their stored pay methods).

Configure a Payment Gateway

Activate a payment gateway module to begin receiving and processing payments from your customers. Each module has different capabilities.

Configure Payment Capture

WHMCS can automatically charge your customers for renewals, removing the need to run credit card charges for renewed services manually.

Configure PayPal Payments

Configure the PayPal Payments module. PayPal Payments processes payments, stores client PayPal® details, and enables faster checkout.

Copy a Gateway Module

Duplicate the open-source Bank Transfer and Mail In Payment payment gateway modules and use them for creating your own custom modules.

Migrate Payment Gateways

Migrate from one payment gateway to another by activating a new module, deactivating the old module, and performing configuration steps.

Migrate to PayPal Checkout

Migrate from PayPal® Basic to PayPal® Checkout in WHMCS 8.8 and earlier. In WHMCS 8.9 and later, we recommend PayPal Payments.